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  • BW (Sunday, June 15 14 09:39 pm EDT)

    Shannon does an awesome job with our son and we are so thankful to have her for a therapist! Our son loves her and looks forward to seeing her every week. From the very beginning, Shannon engaged
    with our 2 year old expertly. She does such a good job that our son thinks Shannon is his "special friend" that comes just to "play" with him rather than to teach or instruct him. Little does he
    know, Shannon is doing both of those things during their sessions, but mixing them in so well that it doesn't seem like hard work to him at all! His progress has drastically improved since he started
    with her, and she gives great advice on issues outside of speech too. We love her and will be sad to part from her when our child moves on to the next level!

  • Jennifer and Mark Haas (Friday, June 21 13 07:04 am EDT)

    Stephanie has been invaluable in assisting and mentoring us through the identification, diagnosis and initial treatment plans for our son's cerebral palsy. She was very appropriate in that she didn't
    push us in any one direction but was honest and frank about her observations and where she thought we could get good answers. We would not be where we are now in aggressively treating his CP without
    Stephanie's assistance.

  • Bobbi Jo B. (Thursday, June 20 13 04:39 pm EDT)

    Jen was such a joy. Not only did she do great with my son who was getting pt she also interacted with the siblings as they were curious who she was. She was such a pleasant person to have involved
    with my son!

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, March 26 13 01:50 pm EDT)

    Alison has been working with my son, O. for almost one year now and I noticed enormous progress since. Great therapist and very dedicated to her job.

  • Mari S. (Tuesday, March 12 13 11:00 am EDT)

    Choosing to supplement our daughter's school speech therapy with a few sessions a month at home was one of the best decisions we ever made in the last 7+ years of services. Carol always had many fun
    and pertinent activities that my child enjoyed. We could see her articulation progress with every visit! My daughter was struggling with the stigma and disruption of being taken out of class for
    speech during school. Adding this additional at home therapy likely shortened her school needs for speech by a year or more. Next month she is being discharged from speech at school and we would not
    be at this point without the additional therapy that Carol and Building Blocks provided. I would not hesitate to use Building Blocks for supplemental therapy if my younger child requires speech
    services in elementary school.

  • Susan Olivetti (Tuesday, March 12 13 10:58 am EDT)

    Trey and I both loved Carol so much. He truly went from hardly speaking, to speaking in sentences 100% with her help. I will always be grateful for her role in his development.

  • Christy Wiedman (Tuesday, April 03 12 04:50 pm EDT)

    Megan is a wonderful speech therapist. She helped our son with autism so much. Even though his formal therapy with her is over, she continues to keep in touch and share vital resources.


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