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  • Whitni (Tuesday, March 19 24 04:03 pm EDT)

    I can’t put into words how much of a wonderful impact Heidi had on my son’s progress and development. When we first met Heidi, my son was nowhere near where he should have been developmentally. Heidi hit the ground running with him! She pushed my son in the best ways possible because she KNEW he was capable of getting to where he needed to be. She was very kind and very patient but also did not take any nonsense from my son :o) It was great! My son loved her and respected her. While watching Heidi interact with my son, her extensive knowledge and experience became very evident. I’m thankful that we were privileged with such an experienced SI. Heidi provided us with so many tools and strategies to use in our every day lives so that we, as a family, could continue working with my son outside of his sessions with her. My son absolutely adores her and I will forever be thankful that she came into our lives. Our last session with her was an emotional time. Very bittersweet. I would recommend her to ANYONE in need of an SI for their child. Thanks for everything, Heidi!!!!!!!

  • Belinda Gonzalez (Tuesday, March 12 24 12:41 pm EDT)

    Heidi was a very great special instructor to our daughter I was referred by a friend that had Heidi also as a special instructor for her daughter, and she told me about Heidi so I decided to try to get her to and I was able to do it and I’m happy that I did because Heidi is great at what she does and very understanding and we liked her very much i’m glad that I chose her and also was always was available at any time of the day to answer any questions I had that was a big A+thanks again Heidi

  • Kim (Thursday, February 08 24 09:26 pm EST)

    Heidi was an amazing special instructior for our son, my biggest regret is that we didn’t meet her sooner! In the short time we were together she provided so many successful strategies to help our son improve, she will be dearly missed now that we’ve graduated from the EI program.

  • Jessica Barnes (Thursday, November 09 23 10:26 pm EST)

    My son Suh’Ni had Heidi as his Special Instruction Therapist and she was absolutely amazing. My son just turned 3 so we had the last visit with Heidi last week and I was sad to see her go. My son has made amazing strides! Before starting with Heidi he wouldn’t even play with his brother really at all. By the end of his therapy time with her he had progressed to playing with his brother 3 x/day for at least 5 minutes. It’s been amazing and so heart warming watching my sons progress especially because he was only with Heidi for about 6 months! The tips and tricks Heidi gave me I definitely plan to keep using in the future.

  • Aleah (Tuesday, November 07 23 09:45 am EST)

    Heidi McDonald is the best! My daughter turns 3 in December so we will no longer need her services after that and that deeply saddens me! Shes amazing with my daughter. Always on top of things and gives me amazing suggestions to improve her speech. Always a pleasure to see Ms. Heidi

  • Kelly Sangree (Tuesday, November 07 23 09:31 am EST)

    Heidi was a warm, caring, and lovely support for our little girl! She loved Heidi and was very engaged in every session. Our girl benefited so much from our time together.

  • Carmen D. (Monday, May 03 21 08:53 pm EDT)

    Beverly was great. I learned so much from her and really appreciated her insights.

  • Alyssa Grove (Monday, May 03 21 08:52 pm EDT)

    We have only had three sessions with Cara, but they have all been wonderful so far! She is very good at engaging with our son, and teaching us skills to help de-escalate him. It’s really nice to get her positive feedback on things we have implemented with our son to help him with his sensory needs. It’s always nice as a parent to hear that you are doing the right thing. Our son just loves her, and we are so looking forward to the progress I know we will have under her care! We have already had great success with many of her teachings.

  • Alyssa Grove (Monday, May 03 21 08:51 pm EDT)

    Our son has been in speech therapy for about two months with Teresa, and the results we have had are absolutely incredible! Teresa is so good at teaching us and our child the things we need to know to help him excel. Our son gets so excited when she walks through the door that he screams with joy, and he blows her kisses the whole way to her car. We are incredibly thankful to have a Speech Therapist that is so patient, engaging, loving, and kind to our son. I honestly cannot say enough great things about Teresa!

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, April 20 21 03:57 pm EDT)

    Anta was so much more than just a special instructor... She is a guardian angel and without her I would have never made it through this whole process. She has taught me how to work with my son to better his behavior and gave ME the resources to better understand his behaviors. There is just so much good I could say about Anta and this whole program. I can't think of anything negative.... I will forever be indebted to her for all she has helped us achieve!!!!!

  • Erin Hartleib (Tuesday, April 20 21 02:34 pm EDT)

    We absolutely love Teresa! She is great with Remington and also helping me as the parent to help Remington with improving her speech. Teresa has really helped Remington in these past few months and we are so happy with the improvements with her speech. She makes the sessions fun and engaging for Remington (and me) all while helping Remington learn new words!

  • Cailin Wade (Monday, April 19 21 05:01 pm EDT)

    Conor Wade, my son, has been working with Teresa for a year and a half. I wanted to extend my most sincere thank you to her. She has tirelessly worked with my son’s speech, and he has shown tremendous progress with her help. She always answered all of my million questions and was a true cheerleader for our whole family.

    Teresa is kind, warm, and excellent at her job. She truly loves her clients, and Conor’s twin sister even refers to her as her “special friend”.

    Teresa is a one in a million and we could not have been more grateful for our paths to cross with hers. For as sad as we are to not be able to receive services from her, we smile when we think about how many other children’s lives she will help change.

  • Christy Wiedman (Tuesday, April 03 12 04:50 pm EDT)

    Megan is a wonderful speech therapist. She helped our son with autism so much. Even though his formal therapy with her is over, she continues to keep in touch and share vital resources.

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